Monday, April 20, 2015


I love music and dance, and for months I was wondering when Noni would start to dance.  You know how parents look forward to the baby crawling or walking or talking? Well, I'd been looking forward to the day when she would dance with me.  For the longest I'd dance around with her and she'd just stare or laugh like it was the funniest thing ever.  But during these past few weeks, she's started to dance, and I love it!  Wish I had a picture to share of her getting down, but I haven't been able to capture it.  

Instead, I'll share some of the tunes she likes to groove to.

One day I'll tell her about the time I met and saw Fatou perform live.

She also likes this one:

The  rendition here always gives me chills. 


In addition to dancing, my baby's also giving kisses now.

They're very wet, and what she really might be trying to do is bite, but I'll take what I can get.  She's finally returning that gesture. We're always giving her kisses.

(Her dad has a hilarious story about the time he saw a leopard bite a donkey on the butt when he visited Tanzania.  I think of that each time she dose this, since after all, her birth name does mean  like a leopard.)


I really like cornrows but have never really been that great at doing them.  My arms get really tired trying to do them on my own hair.  Well, since I decided to start manipulating Noni's hair, now's a great time to really practice at it.

There's something about one going across the front that is so sweet to me, so I had to try my hand at that, too. :)


Elimination Communication is going really well.  These days if she "goes" in her diaper it's considered an accident.  That usually only happens when she's been screaming at me to take her to the potty, but for whatever reason I'm not getting the signal--probably when I'm cleaning up around the house or something.

It might also happen a couple times at  night during the week when she's asleep but squirming, and I know she needs to go but my exhaustion prevents me from getting up in time.

She's gotten even better at communicating her needs with me, and I fill so much more in tune with the process than I was when we started 5 or 6 months ago.

I'd highly recommend this to those who have the time and patience, whether it's done sometimes or all of the time.  Although I don't use many anymore, I'd also recommend cloth diapers over disposable ones. The amount of money saved as well as the positive impact on the environment really make them worth it.


Noni's grandmother--my mother--is coming out here tomorrow!  It'll be her first time meeting her only grandchild.  She'll be here for a week, and we can hardly wait.  I mentioned in part two of my pregnancy/birth story that she was here back in July but just missed Noni's birth.  I'm looking forward to a great time with all of us.


Happy early Earth Day!  Let's be environmentally conscious this Wednesday and everyday.

Have a great week!

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