Monday, April 13, 2015

Hair Care

Prior to having a child, I had all these ideas about what I would or wouldn't do once I became a mother.  Eight months and a couple weeks in, it's become pretty clear that a lot of what I had in mind just isn't practical.  For me, practicality is essential.  

One thing that I'd said I was going to do was let me child's hair--particularly if I had a girl--be free.  All the combing, hair bows, and barrettes didn't ever really appeal to me as I thought about the maintenance of my future child's hair.  Besides, I didn't want to subject her at such an early age to being held down while I attempted to manipulate her hair.  Her wild an free hair would be just fine by me, as long as it was kept clean and well-moisturized.

Well,  a few weeks ago it hit me that, much like her mama's, Noni's hair is bound to be knotted. matted,  and in the process of locking up in a matter of just a few days when left to be "wild and free" on a day to day basis if  detangling isn't administered.  Now, I've worm by hair natural--loose--for nearly 12 years. and only recently did I decide that I'd stop doing much to it and let it lock up, as was mentioned in this post. It was well on its way, but I quickly realized that's not what I wanted.  I spent several days over the course of a couple of weeks un-locking it.  With Noni's hair, even when I was planning to just let it be, I knew I wanted it to stay loose.

So, to prevent the locking process I've started manipulating it more often.  Last week I shared images of the first time it was done. 

Those were individual braids that were done for fun as she played on the bed.

Recently I washed, moisturized with baobab oil, and twisted her hair then tucked the twists under to create little mounds--something I used to always do to my own hair. 

I've used different oils on her hair, and while coconut is really my favorite, the baobab oil--from the seeds of the African baobab tree--is very moisturizing.  The oil has all sorts of benefits for the skin as well.  

I've found that so far she's not opposed to letting me do her hair as long as she has entertainment available.  Our routine works pretty well for both of us, and now the daily detangling isn't necessary. I leave the twists in, tidying them up from time to time as I see necessary before taking them down in a week, washing/moisturizing the hair, and re-twisting. (I've also learned via my own hair that leaving twists in for too long untouched will also lead to it locking.) 

I do love when her little 'fro is out though, so we will still be going that route from time to time.  

While her grandmother says she needs barrettes, I'm sure I won't be using any.  But I do have an idea for a cute hair accessory that I'll make from a cowrie shell retrieved from the ocean. :-)


  1. Before my oldest boy got his first haircut I would twist it up at night or had someone put cornrows in for a couple days. He had so much hair. Probably as much as any little girl! It would be so dry at times though. But I didn't know then what I know now about natural hair.

    1. yeah, it's because of my experience with my own hair over the years that i quickly changed my mind about how i'd handle noni's, so i know what you mean by your last sentence. and keeping it moisturized is definitely something i try to stay on top of, cause i KNOW what not doing so leads to. i spray with water and put oil on her hair daily.

  2. Peace, she's too cute! ."The style looks like "bantu knots." Yes, separating the hair in some way is so essential to keeping it from being tangled. Lil' Knowledge has a head full of hair, but because he's a boy I just finger through it, every once and a while I spray it with some water and use a little olive oil and gently comb through the kinkier spots.

    1. thanks! and it's so true. we already know "highly textured" hair will tangle with the quickness. whenever she does where her fro, i'm gonna be sure to figure through like you mentioned instead of feeling like i need to bust out the comb every time!


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