Wednesday, January 14, 2015

More On Infant Potty Training/Elimination Communication

Things have been going really well with the Elimination Communication or "Early Potty Training" process. Baby will be six months old in a couple of weeks, and is really good at letting me know when she has to "go".  It's to the point (well, it's been to the point) where she will wake from a nap letting me know she's gotta go, then fall right back asleep when done.  About a month and a half ago, we started successfully EC-ing during the night.  Since we co-sleep I'm in tune with her movements throughout the night.  I've earned that when she stirs a certain way and perhaps whines, that means she's gotta go.

It's so interesting to think back to her first couple of months of life and recall all those times when I just couldn't understand why she was doing all that moving and fussing during her sleep.  It's clear to me now that…the child had to pee!  So now, instead of wetting two or three wet diapers during the night, Noni "gets up and goes to the bathroom" just as any adult or older child might do during the night.  Makes plenty sense to me. 

There are times when we miss, though.  Sometimes I'm too exhausted and don't realize that she has the need until it's too late.  But this whole process has been such an eye opener for me, and I'm grateful to be doing it.

For a while now we've been using an average of about 4 diapers a day.  That's just an average, as on one day we might use 7, and another day we might use 2.  Some people don't even use diapers when doing EC with their infants.  While Noni does go diaper free sometimes (usually when I know she does;t have to go or has just gone), we're not totally out of diapers yet. We are working on it daily, though!

We're getting really good at EC-ing when out, too.  The other day at Costco a lady saw be entering the bathroom stall with Noni and asked did I want her to hold the baby while I went in.  That happens a lot, which is unusual to me.  Since when do folks just let strangers hold their babies while they're out of sight?  I assume people mean well. Anyhow, I just always politely say, "Oh, that's ok" with a smile.  One or two times I may have mentioned that the baby is the one who was going to be using the bathroom, and that left puzzled looks on faces.  So, now I just decline the offer with no further explanation.

It's really all about being tuned in--to know which movement or sound means baby's gotta go.  There are times when I think she has to go, but she doesn't.  Usually it's those times when I'm over thinking it.  When I just flow and feel it, then all goes as it should.

One she's able to crawl and sit up better on her on, I think it'll all go to a new level.  I look forward to that.

A note for anyone reading this who wants to at least try it with your little one: after nap time is just about a guaranteed time that baby will need to go.  Also, Noni has gotten into the habit of waking up during her naps to go if she has the urge.

Given how normal this entire process has been for many people around the world, it almost feels silly to even be making a deal of it or to me writing about it all.  However, seeing as how it's not the norm in this part of the world (the US),  it feels important enough for me to share my own experiences with the process in case it's useful to someone. 

Here's an article on potty training practices in various cultures.

This articles talks more about the process.


  1. I really wish I would have done this with my children. Maybe if I get pregnant again I'll try. So I'm gonna live vicariously through you, ha!

  2. I'm glad that I thought (remembered) to do it, because it's a very interesting process. And yes! If y'all have another baby, try it! You know I revere you as the ultimate mama/mothering/natural birthing/parenting person, so EC will be just one more thing added to your already inspiring repertoire :-D


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