Wednesday, July 29, 2015


It has been a fun, eventful, enlightening, exciting, nerve-wracking (only occasionally thank goodness), joyous, busy, emotional, and a-number-of-other-terms-that-would-describe-the-experience past year, but we are here! July 29, 2015. My child has lived out her first 12 months of life!

We have no plans for a huge celebration, although we are very grateful and happy to have reached this point and that she's exhibited great health and spirits so far on the journey.  Today will probably mostly be about playing outside, particularly in the sand--one of her favorite things to do as is evidenced by this photo collage:

Lately we've really had to be on top of keeping her on safe, since she's started climbing and just trying to get into all sorts of things that definitely aren't suitable, especially in our current place.  Thankfully we haven't had any major accidents as she's just been trying to do what developing babies do.  I remain vigilant! 


Thank you all who've read this blog up to this point.  I'm not sure how often I'll be writing from here going forward, BUT if you'd like you can send me a request at, where--from time to time--I share images and things she's into.

Like…her wearing some dresses made by me. :-D

In my 10+ year history of designing and making garments, I've never made and offered anything for babies.

Well, that's all changed.  The above two dresses are available for order in my Etsy shop!

Not only that.  I'll soon be offering a very limited quantity of baby dresses in this print

in honor of my baby girl's first name which means "of the leopards".

That's to come.

For now…we play!


  1. Happy birthday sweet baby!!!! I have enjoyed reading about her first year of life. She is a doll baby!


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