Friday, June 12, 2015

Just Like That

Finally, finally,, the tear duct of Noni's right eye has opened up!   If you've read my previous posts on this topic here and here, then you know this is something we've dealt with for a while.  However, last Saturday the situation just resolved itself.  That Friday everything was as it had been for several months--her eye was constantly wet and I was having to constantly clean it.  Her bottom eyelid had even turned  red again like it had don't when it was infected a few weeks ago. I sprayed the eye a few times that day with the colloidal silver to prevent infection again, and the redness did go away. 
But still...the wetness. 
That Saturday we ran a few errands, and by that evening I realized that I hadn't had to clean her eye a single time all day.  Also, her eye lashes were totally dry--something that was very unusual.  Then Sunday came, and her eye was still completely dry.  Now here it is Friday again, and her right eye has been perfect all week! 
I'm not exactly sure what caused it to upon up all of a sudden.  Her pediatrician kept reassuring me that the issue would likely go away be the time she's a year old (less than 2 months from now), and she said that as she grows so will the tear duct.  The growth would likely cause it to go ahead and fully develop, which it had failed to do prior to her birth.  It seems like she did go through a growth spurt last week, as I noticed she wanted to eat and sleep more. 
Something else that I feel may have caused the sudden healing is my massage technique.  For the longest I'd been massaging the tear duct the way I'd learned by looking at videos, as well as the way the eye doctor had suggested--from a bit above the inner corner of her eye, down the length of her nose to a certain point.  Every now and then, though, I would massage in one spot applying pressure and also sort of  wiggling my finger all around in that spot.  This is the technique that I used several times last Friday.  That time around this particular method may have just done the trick.
Whatever caused the healing, I am so grateful that it's no longer and issue for us.  I was beginning to worry why it was taking so long, especially after learning from my longtime friend/schoolmate/fellow blogger Bree that one of her sons also deal with this issue, but it cleared up in a matter of weeks.   For Noni it has been about 10 months! 
But it's now over, and I'm so happy that I could turn a back flip if I had ever learned how to.  A cartwheel might have to suffice. :-)


  1. Whoooo hoooo!! I am so glad it finally cleared up!

    1. Yes! I'm just so grateful it did before we had to seriously take a look at having that procedure done.


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