Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I have never really been a fan of having carpeted floors in my home.   Seeing as how in a previous life I was sewing nearly everyday nearly all day, it was always much easier to clean fabric scraps and thread pieces off of hardwood or tile floors than it was to get these cut/sew remnants out of carpet.

However, now that my number one priority is a baby who likes to play, crawl/scoot, roll, and fall back spontaneously, I'm definitely realizing one of the relevant aspects of carpet! 

The place we moved from when she was just two months old had carpet in nearly every room.  Our current residence is tiled throughout.  While cleaning the floor is a breeze, my nerves get raggedy every time I put Noni on the floor to play, even though I always create her a nicely cushioned area to play on that's surrounded by pillows.  But she is so very active and is growing more and more mobile that she can now crawl over the wall of pillows created to keep her on the soft area and off the hard tile.

Softened play area

My issue isn't that the floor is too hard to crawl on, since I know babies have been getting around on hard floor surfaces since forever.   The problem would arise when she has one of her spontaneous moments of playfulness, throws herself back in excitement, and that head hits the floor.  Just to think of it makes me cringe. 

So, some kind of way we're going to deal with this.  I know it's only a matter of time before she's mostly up off the floor and walking, but until then I will find a temporary solution so she can at least roll around freely on the living room floor without hurting herself.   Even with carpet she could still hurt her head if she falls back hard enough, so it may take a large rug over a foam cushion. Something.

Speaking of walking, she's been getting more and more determined when it comes to pulling herself up and standing as was mentioned previously

No longer does she actually *play* in the play pen. It's all about standing and even walking.

She had walked--holding on--from the front, to that right side, then to the back.

She is seriously on the move!


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