Friday, February 20, 2015

Busy Body

Here are just a few of the things Noni has been into these past couple of weeks:

1.  Standing.  No, she can't really even crawl yet* (although she can definitely get around by scooting, rolling, etc.), but the child will stand up (while holding on to something) like it's nothing.
Here are some shots I managed to get of her in action.  She does this all throughout the day.

I'm the prop in this shot.

2.  Rubbing on/putting her mouth on the wall, when she can get away with it. I'm not sure what this is about, but since her side of the bed is up against the wall, as well as the futon in the living room--which we've let out to be flat--she's got easy access when we're in the bed or on the futon.  Seems like I'm always pulling her off the wall.

3.  She does this thing now where she puts her hand out in front her, above her head, palm facing inward and throws her head back and "talks"/exclaims up to the sky. Loudly and with much determination and intense facial expressions.   It reminds me of what a shaman might do. Pretty mystical.

4. Lately during the night she gets up while sleeping and just moves around/stands up using me as a prop (something like what you see in the third image above.)  I'll equate it sleep walking, except she can't walk.
5.  Throwing fits.  Yeah, we've reached that stage. It might be because she can't have a particular object or because I've prevented her from doing something such as...putting her mouth on the wall, although she typically laughs during the latter.  Oftentimes the fits are related to her being sleepy anyway and needing a nap. 

7.  Lunging.  Fast and energetically!   If we don't watch/hold onto her, she will make a sudden lunge right off the couch/bed  onto the floor! (Don't worry.  This hasn't happened.)

6.  Playing in the sand.  She's finally able to sit up on her on, so we've been going out and do this.  Oh, and how she loves it!!  I've just gotta stay on guard to ensure she doesn't put any in her mouth. 

6. Giving us kisses!  Seems that she's learning to return this sweet gesture that we're always doing to her, except, her mouth is usually wide open when she does it.  Maybe she's really trying to bite us??? :)

So, she is extremely active. Most of my day is spent (when she's awake) just ensuring that she's safe in whatever she's doing!  If all of this is going on in her sixth month, then I know it's likely only going to get more intense.

*Although I said she can't crawl yet, I do realize she might skip crawling altogether and just start walking!

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