Monday, January 12, 2015


People always comment about how happy Noni is.  It's true.  I mean, as long as you don't aggravate her while she's sleeping/trying to fall asleep or interrupt her while she's nursing, she is most certainly filled with joy.  She constantly wants to play, laugh (and I mean crack up laughing), and engage in any activity that will bring her sublime delight.  She's eager to learn and move and do (and grab stuff), and I know she's so frustrated with not yet being able to crawl, although we say all the time that she might just start out walking with how active her legs are.  For now she just has to roll and maneuver her way around, which she does quite well.

It's so wonderful to wake up to her smiling and laughing literally every single morning.

I'm not sure what causes it, but she really is just plain ol' happy! It's probably just the excitement of being alive that we should all feel! 

Yesterday, in an effort to entertain her while I made the bed, I mimicked this high pitched sound that she likes to make (did I mention the child can scream with glee??).  Well, a task that usually takes maybe three minutes turned into a fifteen minute one, because she was thrilled so much by the fact that I was making the noise that we were both in tears from laughter.  

We love that this is her natural disposition and want to keep it that way now and in the future.  Right now, she's oblivious to anything--in a negative context--unless it interferes with her basic needs, but there are so many occurrences in this world that are downright crazy, mean, illogical, demeaning, hurtful, etc. and can too easily diminish one's light. 

Maybe Noni will be one of those people whose inner joy is so inherent to her essence that she will not be fazed be wordily, nonsensical clutter, but we will do whatever we can to ensure that she can maintain what's so rightfully hers.



  1. Aw! I think she will be an innately happy child because she is so well-loved by her parents. :)


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