Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I Don't Use A Stroller

But it's not necessarily because I'm being any particular kind of way about it (although this article makes some interesting points).  It's mainly because they're bulky, cumbersome, and are a material item.  I personally am no fan of a whole bunch of stuff--big stuff especially.  So, I mostly carry the baby around or wear her in a sling, although the latter can be somewhat of a probably as well. 

Additionally, I haven't been able to justify getting a stroller because...we hardly go anywhere!  Now, if we were the type of family that went to the mall or went shopping on a regular basis, I might be able to justify getting one.  But we're not and we don't.  Sometimes when we do go to stores that have shopping carts, we'll use one of those to push baby around in while she's in her car seat.  That's usually when she's asleep, though.  Basically, I carry her most of the time anywhere we are.

The other day I got this crazy idea--or so I thought--that a beach stroller would be ideal.  One with tires that could handle going through sand, since we do walk on the beach several times a week. It's always fun, but walking through sand holding a baby wears me out after about 20 minutes. Well,
I had no idea that such a thing existed until I did a search.

Now, we could really do some cruising in this, ha! It's over a thousand dollars, though,  and is just a bit too much, but it was fun to learn that it does exist.
In terms of mostly carrying her in my arms, it's become part of her learning process. With her up on my level, I can point out the things that we see and tell her what they are.  Even though she's still very young, it's never too early for learning.

As baby gets bigger, I'm predicting that I'll get stronger and will be able to handle the heavier weight.  If not, then I may feel the need to invest in one.  For now, though, I think I'm managing pretty well.

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