Monday, December 15, 2014

Baby on Back

Today we practiced wearing baby on my back.

I've read about and watched videos on this since I was a couple months pregnant, because I knew it's something I'd be doing eventually.  A good friend of mine taught a class on this subject a few years ago, which I attended.  Now that my own baby is here, I'm glad to have access to videos showing how it's done since we're thousands of miles apart now. :(

  In the picture above I used a large towel, but I need to get a piece of cloth that's the right size.  The towel's just too bulky for me.

Also, in most of the videos I watched, women were simply tucking the ends of the cloth.  I like this particular demonstration because she actually ties the ends.  

To me that feels much more secure, especially since Noni likes to kick those strong legs of hers and hasn't gotten used to this way of being worn yet.   But I believe either way works well.

We just did a test run today.  I'll have to wait til I have help getting her positioned correctly.  I'm gonna need more practice doing it alone, and we both got tired after a few tries.  

I look forward to getting it right, though.  She's at a stage where she wants to be held/carried pretty much all the time.  This'll make it much easier for me to get stuff done around the house when she wants to come along.  I'll update on this subject once I get it right.

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