Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Pick Up Your Shirt

My girls and I were riding home one day after running some errands.

One of my daughters, newly age 7 on the day this article is published 🎉🎊,  asked in the curious way she always does:

Mom, what does Pick Up Your Shirt mean?

I was confused. I asked her to repeat the question, and she said it again.

In my mind I was mostly trying to understand the context of the question but I was also trying to place what she'd asked.

I know Jazmine Sullivan sings Pick Up Your Feelings.

I know the girls need to pick up their clothes (including shirts) after a shower/bath or just in general from the floor of the house.

Maybe it had something to do with  t-shirt printing business, and people aren't picking up their orders on time??

My mind was computing, but solutions weren't being generated.  Pick Up Your Shirt. Hmmmmm...

Why had she asked that?  Before I could ask for clarification, she said:

"I saw a sign in someone's yard that said Pick Up Your Shirt."

My mind still computed for a second, then.


It hit me:

She had added an 'r' to the last word of the statement where there was none.😅

Without having seen the sign myself, I knew it was posted in the yard of someone likely frustrated with people not picking up after their dogs when said dogs relieve themselves on the homeowner's grass.  

Usually such signs are more friendly in their approach:

Please Pick Up After You Dog.

Please Be A Good Neighbor. Pick Up After Your Dog.

But apparently this person has had it.

After having a good laugh about it, I had to explain to my daughter what the sign is referencing and that...the word isn't shirt

We drive past the house on  regular basis, and now when we do, I always laugh to myself.

I'm not sure how I feel about such a sign being visually accessible to all. It reminds me of the anxiety I've experieced when encountering one of those F* Cancer car decals with my girls in tow.  

But I do appreciate the humor that's been generated from the sign geared toward dog walkers.**





**I'm not making a judgement one way or another about dog ...matter... being in walkable areas, but I have told my girls that the whole thing of dog walking and plastic baggies isn't something I recall when I was growing up.  However, I grew up in a very rural area where houses were far apart and where dog's just did their business, maybe attempted to cover it, and no one had a second thought.  

Different times and different environments call for different measures, I suppose. 

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