Monday, March 7, 2022

She Doesn't Like Fish: A Case Study

My oldest daughter says she doesn't like fish.  

But I bought some fish.  It's good fish!  Good taste and good quality. 

Her sisters like fish.  She'll eat the fish, too. It's good fish!  

She didn't eat it last time. Or the time before that. Or the time before that. But she'll eat it this time. It's good!

What?? Does she expect me to cook something separate for her? Come on, now! Fish is good!

I'll broil the fish.  She'll like that.  I'll broil it with herbs that we grew ourselves!  Can't beat that.  She'll like it. What does she mean she doesn't like fish?   She used to eat fish.  She'll like it!

Man! I LOVED eating fish as a child.  My family caught and cooked fish regularly.  Still does! 

And they didn't do all this broiling stuff with herbs. They fried it. That was the only way. Fried fish.


I broil the fish with herbs and olive oil.  It smells so good. Tastes good, too! 

There's her plate. There's the fish on it. 

Now they're done eating.  Her sisters ate their fish.  But she didn't.  The fish is still on her plate!

Why didn't she eat the fish?!?!

"Why didn't you eat the fish?!?

"I cooked the fish. I wanted you to eat it. 

"Oh, am I supposed to just throw it away? You picked at it, now who wants to eat it after you? That's wasteful! 


"Nope! No snacks. No desert.  You should've eaten your food--the food I cooked for you. 

"I put a lot of effort and nice ingredients into cooking the fish.  You should've eaten it. What is the problem???"


It's actually quite simple: THE CHILD DOESN'T LIKE FISH.


It could all really be so simple.  But at times I choose to make it hard.  Why is this still a thing in 2022?

My oldest child has a great appetite. She knows what she likes and what she doesn't.  She eats well.  So, if she says she doesn't like something, it would be in my best interest to just flow with that.  

She does like many things. However, 

And that's that.

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