Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Proceed With Haste

I see that this video premiered on my birthday.  I'm three weeks late coming across it but grateful for the gift nonetheless. 

Music is always playing in our household.  I have a deep, deep appreciation for it and connection to it, and the girls are coming to appreciate that, especially since we're all home all the time these days. A big part of our homeschool/unschool is music. I've talked to them about tempo with Tina Turner and Proud Mary and have had philosophical discussions about TLC's song No Scrubs with my 6-year-old (she insisted and came to a pretty mature analytical conclusion of the lyrics).  Comprehension of music is common with us.  She wants to know why so many songs are about love.  I've attempted to give her some sort of explanation, as I know it to be true that some of the greatest music/poetry/art grows out of love--people in love and out of love, the good/great and heartbreak.  

This song by Jazmine Sullivan has been on repeat in my ear and in my head.  I'on know who broke her heart, but I'm here for this musical blessing that grew out of that situation.  She's so amazingly gifted.  Her singing (technique, transitions, etc.), that of the background singers, the work of the guitarist, the aesthetic of it all--this really is giving me everything I needed in a song but didn't know it.  Powerful. 


"Boy, please, 
Boy, please
I don't need it
Memories, all that sh*t
You can keep it.

and puh-LEASE, hurry up and come pick up your damn feelings.

*raises hand*  

Been there.

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