Wednesday, March 14, 2018


My family and I really enjoy patronizing public libraries. We're regulars at the one a few blocks from our home and at any given moment might have 20+ books checked out between us all.  (Getting around to actually reading or even opening them all is another story.)  Prior to living in Hawai'i and having acquaintances from countries all over the world (this place is super diverse), I've come to realize that the existence of libraries that are free and open to the public is something that is not a reality everywhere.   Some people have no concept of a public library.   Given the history of lack of access to books and information experienced by my ancestors, this is something I feel a need to be in on and surely can't take for granted.  My girls will are certain to understand this relevancy as well. 
All that said, we go to get books and hang out at least once a week.  My three-year-old has been taking part in the weekly story time program since she was six months old and my one-year-old has done the same since her second month of life.  Now that she's walking up a storm, she acts like she owns the place whenever we go--moving all over, taking books off shelves, putting things where she thinks they should go, rearranging kiddie chairs, and not wanting to be told anything in the way of stop/no.  It's a fun place for them both to learn and explore.
Noni more than three years ago at her first story time.  Wow!
When selecting books to check out, I think I get more excited about the children's books than I do those for adults.  It's intriguing to discover what makes a children's book captivating enough for the intended audience to even care. One that we currently have on hand and that my oldest child has had me read numerous times in the week and a half that we've had it is called Bob, Not Bob
 When she chose it from the shelf and I read the title, it was sort of confusing where the authors are coming from.  Yet, it turns out to be a really cute and fun book to read.  Noni gets a kick out of my stuffy nose voice that the authors insist one assume when reading the book.  It really doesn't work without it, though.  I, too, am pretty impressed with my own ability to sound clogged on command.
Another book we both enjoyed when we had it a couple months ago is Alfie, a tale of a turtle that disappeared. 
There's a switch up half way through where the story is then told from the perspective of the turtle.  Very interesting indeed.
I'd hoped and am still hopeful to someday do a video series where I read books with my girls.  It hasn't quite worked out as of yet for various reasons, but sometime before they're too old to want to sit and read with me we might be able to get it done.
This seems like a good place to unpack some of the many library pictures taking space in my various digital storage locations.
 Noni at about 1.5 years of age stacking blocks at another library in our area. 
 The girls in the children's section of our neighborhood library sometime in 2017.
 My little one taking charge later in 2017.  She was loving the new rainbow rug that day.
 Noni and the great big Earth after viewing a play held at our neighborhood library.  Those are always fun.   
 She loves pop-up books.  (Photo taken earlier this week.)
After walking all over the place, being told several times to stop standing in chairs, being told five or six times to stop screeching (something she does very loudly when she's excited), and transporting the felt ducks to various locations in the vicinity, she finally decided to get busy with the task of putting the cut outs on the felt board where they belong. (Photo taken earlier this week.) 
 And this one of big sister reading to me and little sister while little sister amuses herself in big sister's head.
And here's the first time Noni met her buddy Leilani, which was the same day I met Leilani's mother, who became my friend.  It all started with a random encounter at the library. 

And in no time, they grew up!

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