Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Being direct, blunt, and/or "telling it like it is" should not automatically be equated or confused with being honest.  People will say, "I like her/him because she/he is honest" when what they really mean (in given contexts) is that they like the person because she/he is direct or has no problem expressing things as seen from her/his perspective while sometimes being rude, aggressive, or comical in doing so.  Sometimes not. 

Honesty, though, is something different, and while a person--in their quest to tell it like it is--can be honest, to do so is not an inherent quality or condition of being direct or blunt.

A person's record of being honest or dishonest is often traceable and should be taken into consideration with--if not in place of--their capacity to be direct in speech.


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  1. Great blog on honesty. And I must say that people should be honest with their loved ones at least so that no relationship will get any harm.


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