Saturday, December 19, 2015

Acrobatic Breastfeeding

None of the breastfeeding-related information that I received during pregnancy or after giving birth mentioned anything about what I've called "acrobatic breastfeeding".  This is where a baby of a certain age assumes all kinds of positions while latched on.  She might balance herself on one foot, perform aerial toe touches, do leg curls, make attempts at headstands, and even throw in a few yoga moves, among other activities.  Yes, all while LATCHED.  I didn't know about this before, but my child has subjected me to it for many, many months now. (Not every time but often.)  Then one day out of curiosity I did some research and learned that it's not just us. Many babies do this eventually just to keep the process interesting.  Only thing I can say while she's doing back flips on my lap is, "For real Noni???" then kindly remove her leg(s) from over my shoulder.

But even though these antics are said to be the norm for some nursing babies, I'm convinced that my child has something even more substantial going on when it comes to acrobatics.  Numerous times on a daily basis, I'm having to prevent her from climbing up, flipping under or through, standing on,  or swinging from something in the house.  She attempts headstands down on the beach and rolls and/or slides down the sandy hills created out there by the ocean.  She's pretty good at all of it, I must admit, but of course I can never express this in her presence, as it would only be fuel for her to continue the shenanigans.

I can appreciate that she's got those qualities about herself, though, and I intend to enroll her in toddler gymnastics sometime in the coming year.   For a 16-month-old, she's got a pretty serious athleticism already.  It'll be interesting to see where it goes...

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  1. Acrobatic breastfeeding sounds cool.I haven't experience anything like that.I wonder how the baby will look like when he performs those acrobats during breastfeeding.


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