Monday, March 30, 2015


Noni turned eight months yesterday, and at some point during the seventh month she started to comprehend the meaning of "No!". This is probably because, prior to that time, she wasn't as mobile as she's become, and we weren't having to tell her "no" and "stop" much or at all.

But now???  This child does some of everything! She pulls hair (out of curiosity and fascination, but still...), pinches, tries to climb onto the dresser from the bed, stands up and bangs on a mirror that's hanging on the wall near the bed (all while smiling at and kissing her reflection in said mirror, of course), tries to take all the books off the bookshelves, and on and on.

We can certainly appreciate the fact that she loves books, but when it starts to be about tearing and chewing on pages it becomes a problem!  She's gonna have to stick to her board and fabric books for now.

"Oh, this is how this thing works."

She is extremely active, physically strong, and strong-willed.   But these days, when we say "No!" or "Noni, stop!" and give her a look--the look--, she gets it.  She might fuss, she might just fall out in rebellion (thankfully this only happens on cushioned surfaces), she might look at me and laugh while still contemplating taking the action, but whatever it is she was doing or was headed to do, she generally does not proceed.  

And since I do like to say "Yes!" more than "No!", I affirm the things she is allowed to do in that way. She figures she can do anything anyway, though, so any affirmation I give is just extra. 

Watching her develop is pretty incredible.  Not too long ago she couldn't even get up when lying on her back, which frustrated her to no end. Now, I can barely keep her down when going through our routine after her bath.  I won't be surprised at all if she starts walking within the next month.

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