Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Baby Factor

This place in which we live is wonderful.  I don't just mean the island. I'm speaking specifically of our residential area.  People around here are kind, courteous, and generally in high spirits.  Travelers from around the world rent condos in this building to take advantage of the beach, so there's always a good time being had right out the back door. It's a fun place filled with sunlight and good vibrations.

While all of this is the case, some things never change.  No matter how much sunshine comes this way or how many wonderful shades of blue the ocean can appear or how scenic the outdoors may be or how many times the sun sets right before our eyes each evening or just how beautiful things are, some people will just be who they are. It's inevitable.

Living in this sort of environment there are always times when you encounter individuals, whether they be residents or vacationers.  You run into them on the elevator, in the parking lot, in the laundry room, and other places.   It seems to be common courtesy to speak to people as you pass them or when you are in confined spaces together.  Just a simple aloha, hi, hello, etc. suffices.  Some people take it a step further and initiate small talk.  In my experience this is especially common when there are only maybe two people in close proximity, a situation I've often found myself in when down in the laundry room. 

My personality is such that I will speak to a person I encounter, however, I don't take it any kind of way if they choose not to return the gesture. It's whatever.  But these people who I spoke of previously, the ones who just are who they are, have got nerve.  They're bold and cowardly but don't even know it.  The other day while in the laundry room I encountered one such person.  She entered the room.  I spoke.  She didn't look my way, say a word back, nothing.  Cool. 

But then, a few minutes into handling her business the same way I was, she noticed that Baby was tied to my back.   How this changed things!  All of it sudden she was, "Ooooh, look how cute!" and "She is SO precious!" and "That's a smart idea, you carrying her that way." and (asking Noni) "You wanna go home with me?"

How we roll on laundry day.  This was the first time she ever fell asleep during the ride.  

But before she said any of that, her initial remark was, "Oh, I didn't even see her back there!!"  As if her realizing this now made it ok (in her mind) for her to talk to me/my child. 

That particular lady definitely had something rude going on for whatever reason, but she isn't the only one.  I've experienced something similar with certain people around here.  If people want to not talk or speak, that's their business.   And, if their way of being is based on any preconceived notions they may have, that's on them.  I can't be concerned. But if they do choose to be that way toward another adult--can't be cordial enough to respond when spoken to--then, as far as I'm concerned, they should also remain mute when it comes to folks' children.  To do otherwise is disingenuous, as a baby is an extension of or a part of of her/his parents.   I understand it's not always easy to not say something to a baby, since they are as precious as can be, but this one gets plenty of love at home and also from genuine people.  She and I both can certainly do without commentary from someone who--when you remove Baby from the situation--has a completely different (negative) reaction.

And in conclusion,

xe          v  cvf tr   s d    y  6hn  b u i         u i7 nny uy ui ui6t87u.

That's from Noni, who was in my lap as I finished typing this and was finally allowed to play (bang) on the keyboard.

Period added by me. :)


  1. Yes! This has happened to me before. And if you were to call them out on it, you would be the one looked at as crazy!

  2. Exactly! I just kept a tight lip and looked at her. Thankfully Noni--who is usually cheerful and always ready to laugh and smile with people---was drowsy and wasn't present enough to give the lady any energy.

  3. I'm sorry that this happened to you! Some people are so close-minded. Too bad for them.

    1. Hey Julie! You're so right, and yeah...that's how I look at it, too. Fortunately I don't let such situations get the best of me. People can have so many unfortunate attributes, and the most I can do is hope they learn how to act/be for their own sake.


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