Monday, December 29, 2014

Toy Story

I had this idea that I'd be the type of person who wouldn't be all into toys and things for the baby.  After all, minimalism is one of the primary ways our life remains simple.  But somewhere along the way I became a sucker for baby stuff. Everything has become so, "Oooooh!!" and "Looook!!" and "My baby needs THAT!!!"  Fortunately for me, I get a thrill out of just looking at toys. Purchasing isn't necessary.  Her father, on the other hand, is a different story.  Although he's  a minimalist as well, he--if I didn't stop him--would get every toy and/or baby gadget that caught his attention.  He really likes gadgets...for baby or otherwise. While in the store the other day, he came up to me and baby, showing us something like he was gonna buy it:
A baby food feeder??? Really???  Not to knock it, but I'm sure baby will do just fine with a spoon.  Plus, she's still solely on breast milk.  Plus, plus even thinking about the day that she starts eating other things makes me emotional for some reason, so I don't wanna be confronted with that right now!
About a week ago we got her two teethers, since, although she does enjoy chewing on our fingers and blankets and sheets and clothes, we figured we'd do better by directing that energy towards an object that's meant for that very purpose.  She really likes to chew fabric, so when he next picked up what's called a blanket teether at the store, I didn't oppose.
She has been having a ball with this thing.  Not only does she chew on it, but she talks/sings (aka keeps up a whole lot of noise) in the process.
It also comes with a frog or monkey.  We liked the goofy looking lion the most.
Something that tripped me out was to read the tag on the back and find out that, although it--like so many other mass produced items--was  "Made in China" it was designed and copyrighted  by a company in Monroe, LA.  That's cool to come across an item out here that has roots in a town right up the road from my home town.
Looking at and buying a few of these mass produced items can be fun, but as one who likes to make items by hand and supports independent artisans, I look forward to getting Noni some great handmade toys in the future. :)
So, somebody's five months old today! :-D
Good times with just about all the toys she does have at this point.
For the last few days she's been all about spitting and being very vocal.  I figured all this has to do with her preparing to deal with language.  Here's an article that talks more about what I already figured was true.  She actually started all this at around 3 months, but lately she's taken it to the next level.  It may have something to do with us talking a lot around her. Pretty soon she'll be right in the conversation teaching us stuff.

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