Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Issue at Hand

Something that we're faced with just about every time we're out in the public with the baby is people  touching her hands.  You may know how it is.  You see a baby, get inspired talk to/play with her/him, and you grab baby's hand just a s a natural gesture and start with the baby talk.  Now, I understand where people are coming from when it comes to the instinct to do this. Especially since Noni generally always gives a big smile or laugh when people talk to her. Interacting with her is irresistible, and I'm not just saying that cause she's mine :-D.  

An important point to be considered, though, is the potential for transferring germs to tiny little hands that, more likely than not, will end up in the baby's mouth at any given moment.

I do want to assume that everyone--every single person who she comes into contact with--has impeccably clean, germ free hands.  I really do want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.  However, reality (and the mere fact that I have personally witnessed people not wash their hands after exiting a public restroom, etc.) causes me to be skeptical. 

While I haven't come right out and confronted anyone about this (it's coming, and I will be nice about it), I have somewhat mastered a technique to dodge and quickly move them out of the way when someone's going for her hands.  Whenever we're out I make sure to have something to clean her hands with just in case, but this is something to keep in mind when you see an approachable baby.  

Babies are such a joy, and it's only natural to want to touch and play with them.  Because they're so delicate and new and curious and possibly teething, it's essential to keep their health in mind. Sometimes it's the littlest of things.

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